There is a multitude of preschool enrichment program in the market; this is especially true in Singapore. We have all heard of the term ‘kiasu parents’. I must say I’m one of those parents but only for the right reasons. I do not pack my child’s schedule with dance, music, sports classes after school or on the weekends. I want my child to have a life with us. That is the reason why I fell I’m efficient when it comes to choosing an enrichment program for my child. After months of research, I have finally decided on sending him to The Umonics Method preschool enrichment program. The Umonics method focuses on teaching preschoolers memory techniques.

Why is memory work not in the curriculum in the first place?

The educational system is far from perfect; that is the reason why I feel that there is a need for enrichment classes. One of the biggest gaps in the preschool educational curriculum is memory work, i.e., teaching preschoolers how to memorise. I mean how my child is supposed to remember his work after learning for a full day? A week, a month, a year? Most of the knowledge preschoolers acquire during their time in school is wasted away.

Yes, there are memory techniques

There are techniques for everything. From teaching a child, the letters of the alphabet to teaching them how to read. There are also techniques for memorisation. Most of us that went through the education system were not taught these techniques. The only way we learn to memorise is through the painstaking task of repeating something over and over again or writing it down multiple numbers of times. This does not have to be the case, and research has proven this over and over again.

Competitive advantage

I did not want my child to struggle with memorisation, just like how I did when I was in school. It was depressing to read something over and over again only to forget it a couple of hours later. That is one of the main reasons for signing up my child for The Umonics Method. I wanted to equip him with the necessary memory skillset from now to prepare him for primary school, secondary school and his higher studies.

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